Thursday, April 28, 2011

Popcorn Preview - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

I'll admit this one snuck up on me... The final battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort is upon us, and I'm dragging my feet. I seriously don't want it to end! However, I know it must come to an end. By the looks of this trailer, it is going to be a very, VERY emotional and epic end. Seriously, the Twilight crap is absolutly nothing compared to Harry Potter, and Part 2 will blow that series out of the water.

What I really like about this trailer is its return to "Hedwig's Theme" (despite it being slowed down). I'm really hoping "Hedwig's Theme" will actually be featured in the movie as an amazing tribute to the original. I can only hope... The second thing I like about this trailer is that it seems that Alan Rickman AKA Snape will finally have his time to shine (be him good or bad) and more screen time. I can only hope again...

I'm not going to lie. I got some serious goosebumps and teary eye action watching this trailer. Seems like some deaths are going to be pretty dramatic.  Anyways, the end is coming, and July couldn't come any faster.

Photo courtesy of Google